Only Jesus matters. Believe it or not. Initial Salvation is a gift, the journey to receive the full and final salvation is where the meat lies. What matters to God the most!

Raised for Christ

I heard a testimony yesterday of a woman who died and was on her way to heaven. Her church prayed for her and brought her back to life. She dedicated her life to preaching about the hope we have in Jesus.

When you get a glimpse of that hope, that is all we need. She was happy on her way to heaven as her spirit was led by an angel. The church prayed vehemently because there was a need for her to be alive.

She belonged to a nominal christian faith, and just two weeks into the pentecostal experience, she lost her life to a sickness. The people from her former church began to accuse the pentecostal church for her death. They attacked the church and broke the chairs, etc.

Praise be to God, her father was relentless. He had witnessed a great transformation in his daughters life in those two weeks. He put his foot down, declaring nothing can stop him from walking in this new experience.

Her coming back to life was a testimony of the good work God was doing through the church. God blessed the church and continues to bless her ministry where she goes around sharing her testimony. There are so many similar stories of people being awakened by God. Every one of them returned with a great hope – clearly declaring only Jesus matters in this life.

God is so big, and the earth almost insignificant. Like dust in a cosmos. It’s unthinkable for us to even begin to consider God’s great love for us. Neither could we have imagined a life in Christ.

Being born again, it’s crystal clear to us as believers that we belong to a wonderful, almighty God.

Only Jesus matters

The only life we are called to live is in Jesus. Jesus is life. Every other life or lifestyle we love is of sin, world or self.

There is nothing in the world to live for.
Nothing that can satisfy the flesh.
There is no real joy on earth.

Moses left all for God.
Paul left all for Jesus.
We are called to leave all for Jesus too.

When you taste heaven, Jesus is all you need. The Old Testament saints saw with their naked eyes the power of God. Even though many fell away, those who were faithful till the end reaped an everlasting life.

Today we are called to experience by faith. His grace saved us, and through faith we believe. A little more and we’ll be with Jesus as He comes to take His bride. Be ready. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen.