There was this believer brother who was finding it very difficult to get a job. He came from a poor family so he wasn’t much educated. Nevertheless, he carried a great desire to work in a ship.

Note: This man was strong in faith. He knew his God was the God of the impossible.

Now, in the church that he used to go to, there was another believer brother who worked on a ship. Very eagerly this unemployed brother asked for help – to get him a job in the ship.

One fine day, he along with the fellow believer went for the interview. There was a long queue and this man waited for his turn. The fellow believer had affirmed him earlier that he could help get upto the interview; but how he fared in the test, depended between him and God.

The long queue had people with great achievements – they spoke great English, had sooper dooper personality etc. But here was this brother, who hardly knew any English nor have an eye-catching personality. Finally his turn came, and he had to present himself before the owner of the ship, a lady. By faith he stepped in and just before handing his documents to her, he uttered a loud PRAISE THE LORD😊

The Lady was amused; she went through his papers and without placing any further questions, asked him to join immediately. He got the job of an assistant alongside the ship’s captain 😄 The Lord helped him find favour in her eyes. The next day itself he joined work and he had to take journeys in the high seas. Slowly God helped him get a hold of his work and life was going good for him.

One day, as usual when the ship was in the ocean, it came in the way of a great storm. The waters were turbulent and the waves, bigger than the ship, began hitting fiercely against it. All lives were in danger. The captain was busy giving out orders, alarm bells ringing, complete chaos. This brother knew just one thing – JESUS IS WITH HIM ON THE SHIP; AND THEY WOULD BE SAFE.

He began praising God loudly without any shame. People were watching and getting annoyed with him. The captain also noticed and began hurling abuses at him. He asked angrily, Which fool gave you this job? He called up the owner and complained vigorously against this brother. To this, the lady gave a mind-blowing answer. She asked the captain to step aside and hand over the helm to this brother. She knew nothing wrong would happen to her ship because a man of God was present there.

When things go out of control for you, remember there is a God who has everything in control. You just have to believe this and call out to Him. The ship was safely guided and brought to the shore!

Do you believe – God can do the Impossible for you?

Note: Names and certain incidents are omitted for anonymity without compromising on the essence, for the edification of readers and believers.