A ‘Hug’ is a personal, intimate act. It reveals oneness and unity, of two becoming one. In a way, a ‘Hug’ is not just an outward display of affection, but also a celebration inside, a perfect union of the heart and mind. 

Nevertheless after knowing Christ, how do we express ourselves?

How many believers hug with Godly reverence and fear? It’s not a casual act. It is a genuine reaction or action which involves the spirit, soul and body. Like the Kiss, a Hug is meant for like minded people, between brothers or sisters in Christ. That does not mean you cannot hug a non believer who is hurting or needs love. Use Godly wisdom. God has given believers a sound mind and a heart of love

Jacob thought Esau would kill him after having taken his birthright. For a few years both brothers lived apart. Both had a change of heart. But when they finally met, Esau welcomed Jacob with tears, hugging and kissing him. What a victory! A beautiful restoration displayed in the form of a Hug.

Jesus is always available for an embrace. He does not hesitate to love His own.

On my last trip to my native, to meet my parents, I hugged my Dad tight – like he was a baby. I was filled with much love for him that moment, I thank God I expressed how I felt. My next trip was to see him off to be with the Heavenly Father. We hugged once again before he moved on to be with Jesus.” – statement of a believer about his dad.

You were created to be loved. You were created to love. Let love reign supreme in your life. Hug your parents or siblings, or family. They need it as much as you.

Desire to love like Jesus everyday. Ask the Heavenly father to pour His love into you. He will do it.

Be blessed!