In a school, where a believer was principal, a young girl died due to an electric shock. She had died on the spot. The believer brother immediately called his church members, asking them to pray so she gets her life back. He was also scared because the girls dad was a local political figure.

The believer meanwhile decided to take the body to a hospital located far away from her fathers area, where he felt the politician wouldn’t ever go or have any contacts. The hospital refused to put her inside the morgue without a police permit, and she was placed on a stretcher outside in the corridor. The believer brother waited in the presence of God, trying to slow down proceedings as much as he could before informing her parents. The church continued to pray simultaneously.

Meanwhile, her dads politician friend was involved in an accident. The accident happened in the very area of the hospital she was placed in. He walked into the hospital and noticed his daughters body on a stretcher in the corridor. Shocked and livid with rage he ordered the management to check again and revive her to get his daughter back to life. The principal was called he said he will get the doctors on the job. They tried reviving her unsuccessfully till about 3:30pm in the afternoon. She was already declared dead, but some action needed to be taken to pacify a very angry and disappointed father. To everyone’s surprise, she came back to life at 3:30am next morning.

The following year her brother died, and she was deeply discouraged. The principal requested her parents to allow him to take her away for a few days. Thinking she was going for some picnic, the parents allowed. He took her to a youth camp. There she learnt about Jesus, accepted Him as Saviour, cried out to God in prayer receiving a peace that passed all understanding. She also received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues.

She continues to walk with God, standing on His promises one by one.

Note: Names and certain incidents are omitted for anonymity without compromising on the essence, for the edification of readers and believers.