The hopelessness of the prodigal son is well known to all. He lacked no material blessing in his fathers house. Yet, he left home and chose to live independently; wasting away all that was his (inheritance).

Leaving his father wasn’t a good idea at all. Sometimes, believers walk away from the Heavenly Father. What can we learn from the story from a spiritual standpoint? Here are only three aspects to keep in mind when it comes to our relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Stay in the Father’s house

Get out of the filth of this world. The righteousness of man is like filthy rags before God. The world seems to be getting “spiritual” and full of opportunity. if we are not rooted and grounded in the word of God, we will go astray, following every wind of doctrine.

Hopping churches, and watching zillions of YouTube preachers will never satisfy us like getting down on our knees and surrendering like a child. We often tend to heap teachers and good sounding preachers to grow quickly in our walk with God. We need to stay patient and focused on the leading God has for each.

When you realise hopelessness, humble and return home

Don’t be so arrogant that you cannot admit your mistakes before God. The moment you repent and decide on seeking forgiveness, there will be a mighty flow of love from God. Jesus desires we learn two things from Him – to be humble and lowly of heart. When we grow in these two natures, life will get a lot simpler for the glory of God. Come home to the Father.

Before he could repent and seek forgiveness, his father came running to him.

When he was planning what to tell his father; The father came running like a prisoner set free embracing him with deep love. We cannot even imagine the joy our Heavenly Father feels when we return to His ways.

There is no doubt, God is love. He hides us in Him, like a dove 🕊 in the clefts of the rock, high above. Jesus is coming for His beloved; let’s seek Him daily, eagerly awaiting His appearing. Praise God and Amen!