You can reason with a sceptic, but what about those who are septic? I like how the words rhyme, but this is no song and dance. This is a serious issue in the House of God.

The first sceptic was none other than Eve; she was led to doubt because she was curious. Her curiosity got the better of her which led to the downfall. Eve knew God, was enjoying the abundance of His provision. All was well, till all was in the well. Eve gave room for doubt when there should not have been any.

Who was a sceptic among the disciples?

Thomas doubted the risen Jesus. He had to see, to believe in the risen Jesus. But he was delivered from his scepticism when Christ allowed him to know Him closely. The result? He launched the mighty awakening across the eastern part of the world where he gave his life for Jesus. Persecuted for Christ, but raised warriors of faith that went onto be a blessing to nations.

Doubt can be disastrous, and it was almost so for Thomas. Imagine not believing in the resurrected Jesus, what a terrible loss it would have been! Scary to even think of something like that the more you know about His amazing love. Thank God for Jesus.

What’s horribly worse is, believers who are septic. Those who talk unnecessarily, and talk incorrect doctrine. Erring from the truth, overthrowing some from the faith (‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2:16-18‬).

1 Timothy 1:19, 20 reveals such false teachers are left to the devil for discipline. They are thrown out for the safety of the church.

We are in tough times, where lies and deceptions abound. Preserve your walk with God; be powered by His mighty anointing. Stick to the truth, trust in Jesus alone. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen.