The most powerful event in human history occurred over 2000 years ago.

Christians exist only because of this fact. It is more than a fact. It is the absolute truth.

What is this powerful event?

The rising up of Jesus from the dead on the third day post His crucifixion. Helping mankind receive victory over sin, sickness, fear and death. No man ever rose from the dead. This is the reason religion can never provide the perfect answer. Only Jesus lived the perfect life and died for the sins of mankind. He resurrected from the dead on the third day, and is the answer to this life and beyond. He is our resurrection and life.

The Gospel transforms us…

The spiritual eyes of believers are opened to see the kingdom of God by faith. The stark definitions in which we lived in earlier are exposed to be utter lies when we experience the truth in Jesus.

We learn that we were called by name, He chose us before the foundation of the earth. God Cares for us and loves us like no one can.

A new life begins, full of hope and joy. A looking forward to each day with confidence and purity like we’ve never felt before or ever knew before.

To have the most powerful truth that can change the world; and live in disobedience is the saddest state of man. There’s no hope for such till he or she repents and turns to God.

We need to take a step outside of convenient lifestyles and look at the hopeless mess of lies and evil this world is mashed up in. The fake happiness and dancing in front of the phone and doing whatever foolishness that comes into a young uncultured heart.

The world deserves better. God thought so too and sent Jesus.

Jesus is the only answer, let’s tell the world about His love.

Speak to God and receive His leading to do what He desires. Not your way, His way. Jesus is coming soon. Praise God and amen.