There is power in worship, found in God’s praise and glory.

We were created to glorify God. In the very design of His creation, lies the perfection of His beauty. Work that sets us free and enables us to experience true love, peace, hope and joy.

There is revival, repair, restoration, renewal and refinement in His presence continually. The more we praise Him and give Him the glory due unto His name, the more we enjoy the power and beauty of His presence.

What is the power in worship God displays?

I want to share three awesome incidents where God revealed His power in worship that transformed lives.

Power of His Holiness

Isaiah realised how beautiful God’s presence was when God revealed a glimpse of His holiness. The moment he saw the awesomeness of His presence, he realised his own filth and immediately desired a transformation in life. One of the Seraphim’s touched him and healed him. (Isaiah 6:1-7)

Power of His Might

Israel saw the might of God when Elijah, a man of similar passions like us, brought fire from heaven when He offered a pleasing sacrifice to God in prayer. They had strayed away from God, but a moment in sincere repentance by Elijah, revealed the beauty of God’s might. Israel realised their folly of unbelief and disobedience. God won a great victory for Israel when the worshippers of Baal failed in their religious efforts .

Power of His Salvation

Paul and Silas worshipped God when chained in a jail. Despite their physical state, they drew strength for themselves in the presence of God through praise and worship. It resulted in a soldier and his entire family getting saved as Paul and Silas got an opportunity to share the gospel. God shined His salvation into the hearts of the entire family to be rescued from hell.

Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined. (Psalms 50:2)

As believers we have been invited into His beauty. How much we need it everyday! Let’s come into His presence with thanksgiving in our hearts and give the due praise and glory God deserves for who He is. Maranatha, Praise God and Amen.