At the tender age of 12, Jesus lived as an exemplary child who gave time to God. Just like every year, this time as well, the family of three had gone to Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Passover. On their way back home, Joseph and Mary realised that little Jesus was missing; He was not among those who had accompanied them to the feast. Luke 2:44,45.

And he said unto them, How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business? Luke‬ ‭2:49

In the context of the above situation, here’s my question — as believers and people following Christ, are we giving quality time to God everyday?

Did Joseph and Mary, Jesus’ earthly parents, actually forget who their son really was? At His birth, even though they had four separate encounters with people who glorified Jesus as the Saviour (Luke chapters 1,2).

The Angels, the Shepherds, Simeon, and Anna the prophetess declared Jesus as special.

Joseph and Mary weren’t spiritually active themselves and therefore did not understand Jesus and sorrowed over him in an earthly sort.


But, can we afford to? Praise God, we have the Holy Spirit to help us remember. But is our heart inclined to do the Father’s business? Parents and people close to us may forget about who we really are in Christ, but what do we think about ourselves, that is, what our real standard is, in Christ?

Jesus never relied on His parents nor anybody else to do the Father’s will. These days people aren’t able to take out time to speak to their Heavenly Father and pour their heart to Him. The burden of work, pressures them so much so that they hardly have time for themselves as well! It’s time we do a health check of our life, trust in God, because He loves us more than we can ever imagine. May the Lord help us!

Be blessed! 💕