How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, and thy tabernacles, O Israel! Numbers‬ ‭24:5

I guess you may have also noted – Jacob and Israel are the same person; and tents and tabernacles also refer to the same thing🙂 Jacob means a deceiver and Israel means a prince of God. After Jacob strove with the angel, his name changed from “Jacob” to “Israel”.

Similarly, tents and tabernacles are the same thing – a place to stay. God had told Moses to make a tabernacle, a dwelling place for Him to live among the Israelites. A tent is a small structure made of cloth erected through poles and ropes.

God may have blessed us abundantly, but we must not waste the God-given riches as we like. Our affections and desires should not be towards the things of this world, by spending and living according to our own will.

God blessed Abraham, Issac and Jacob greatly. Though they were rich, yet He asked them to live in tents. Why? So that they don’t put their minds on the things of this world.


1. No foundation in a tent – this means it is made to stand on the depth of the tent pegs. It can be pulled down and packed up whenever required. Our life on earth is like a tent – not permanent.

2. It is ordinary and very simple – The Rechabites had to follow certain rules. Jeremiah 35:7-10. They were asked to live like pilgrims, build no houses or vineyards etc. Similarly, we must also live a very simple life here even though we’ve been blessed much.

3. Dependent solely on poles and pegs – When the Israelites began their journey from Egypt, they did not bring along any thing with them. God provided all of their needs during their wilderness journey. In the same way, when we put our complete trust upon God for our needs He will be our Provider – Jehovah Jireh.

4. Today here, tomorrow somewhere else – A tent has no permanent address. Depending on the movement of the traveller, it’s location also changes. We are strangers and pilgrims on this earth and we should also live like that. Abraham lived like a stranger. He obeyed God’s calling and walked accordingly.

5. A tent isn’t a cosy place to stay – Nights are cold and harsh. If those living inside the tents aren’t protected properly chances are they could fall sick. The life of a Christian is a life of suffering. Sufferings and pain go hand in hand. But there is a reward for our sufferings in the end.

Isaac had two sons – Esau and Jacob. But amongst Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Esau’s name isn’t mentioned. You know why? Because Esau didn’t have the experience of living in tents. He was a cunning man and became a hunter. He also despised and sold his birthright.

Let’s not be like Esau who did foolishly and was out of God’s plan. Rather let’s be like Jacob, who though a deceiver yet became the prince of God.

Be blessed 💕