Hello my dear friends 🙂🌷Wishing you all a very blessed start to the new week ahead!! 🌺

This post is a gentle reminder 😇 specifically to all those of us born into Christian households. This very much includes ME as well. I believe we need to rethink on how we have been living our lives — Is our life shining and giving out light to those around us, to those dying in this cold dark world?

GETTING ONTO THE POST: Most of us who are born christians often fail to recognise the stronghold of sinful natures and the impact it has on our spirits, our minds and hearts.

We’ve grown up listening to what is right without fully understanding the dangers of wrong. Like a little child, we put our hand into the fire even when we are told it’s dangerous to play with fire. Why? Our passionate spirit is still fluctuating between light and darkness.

We grow up straightforward and blunt. We hurt people with the truth unknowingly. (The truth will hurt nevertheless for those who don’t want it). We find ourselves being called rude and hypocritical.

Why? As we speak the truth we fail to realise our wrongdoings are making us look wrong to others as well. As Christ believers who are called to win souls for God, people end up hating us for being Christian.

We are victims and victors at the same time. The truth is, when we choose the light (Jesus) we win. When we don’t choose the light we become victims of our own disobedience and reactions.

This confused state of being is because of fear that has stunted our relationship and zeal to grow and know Jesus. You love God but the new found independence destructs your sensibility to stay on track. You discover the power of flesh that works against your spirit.

Then again, you may have gone through a terrible childhood. It’s possible that someone dear to you or some random person harmed or betrayed you, physically or mentally.


It’s necessary to come out of every way that does not allow you to grow in Jesus. The only true way is Jesus! It involves fellowship and prayers and bible (living word) meditation. May salvation be our walls and praise the gates! May God keep us all till the very end.

Be blessed 💕