You will speak exactly what you see and hear.

Isn’t it?

What you see and hear does not necessarily have to be what you SEEd and HEARt.

“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”
‭‭Acts‬ ‭4:20‬ ‭

Led by the Spirit of God, Peter and John spoke these words when they were arrested by the Jewish rulers and high priests. They could not keep themselves from speaking the truth. Their hearts stirred with love enabled them to speak by faith the hope in Christ.

Noah and his family saw and heard God even though the wickedness and evil in the world was irreparable. Irreparable because people chose to be wicked.

Joshua and Caleb brought a good report of faith. The 10 others brought bad report of fear.

Young Stephen saw the Heavens open as he was being stoned. He forgave them all. The end result? He entered eternal glory to be with the one he loved and lived for.

What do you see and hear?

You will speak failure and unbelief if you see the world and your self.

You will speak life and hope if you set your affections on things above, if you look at Jesus. You have friends? Then you will speak to them about the way, truth and life. You will tell them about the amazing love of the Father.

Jesus spoke the Fathers will. As believers, we must do the same too.

When we seed and gladly receive the Word of God in our hearts, rivers of living water will flow out. Now is our time to give, and serve the world around us. What a time to be in Christ! May the loving Father pour His love into our hearts in Jesus name to bring forth fruits in season.