Before success/victory is achieved, there is a test that needs to be taken. James 1:12. Be it in our daily lives or our walk with God, whenever there is a trial, there is either a victory or defeat 🙂

We see victory in the life of Abraham our patriarch — The Father of Believers. How? Genesis 22:1-18 narrates how Abraham obeyed God’s commandment implicitly and thereby was blessed. God was actually testing Abraham to see if he really loved God more than his own son; and therefore he was asked to take his only son Issac (whom he got after 25 years of promise) to Mount Moriah and offer him as a sacrifice. A human sacrifice?? No not at all!! God the Father, creator of all flesh, ofcourse doesn’t want this type of sacrifice. But in Abraham’s case, God was trying him to see whether he loved God more or his son!On his way to Mt. Moriah, Abraham did mainly 2 important things:

1. He forsook 3,

  • His wife Sarah
  • His donkey
  • His servants/young men

2. Took 4 along with him

  • Issac
  • Wood
  • Knife
  • Fire


(i) Sarah — To be honest, Abraham did not even give the slightest hint to his wife about what he was upto😂 Rather on that day, he got up early in the morning, saddled his donkey and the things required for sacrifice, took the 2 young men and his son Issac and left quietly. For sure, had Sarah known his plan she would’ve created a huge ruckus. Here, Sarah represents unbelief. Hence, in our lives as well, in order to be blessed by God, we should come with faith to His presence and put aside every doubt and unbelief.

(ii) He left his donkey. This refers to a life of doing our own will. Job 39:7 clearly explains the nature of a donkey – He scorneth the multitude of the city, neither regardeth he the crying of the driver. In the fellowship that God has placed us, we must obey the leaders given to lead us. Thus by being under subjection to God’s will and offering up to live our own way, we can please God and be blessed by Him.

(iii) He left his young men. The young men refers to slaves/servants (of sin). Genesis 21:9,10. The son of the bond woman cannot live with the son of the free woman. Galatians 4:28-30. Bond woman refers to the body and Free woman refers to the Spirit. The flesh deceives and makes us wicked. But the Spirit sets us free from every bondage.

Often, after being blessed by God with a good education, a good job, life partner, family, kids etc, we begin loving the blessing more than the One who blessed us with them 😀 But!! Abraham truly loved God more than all his blessings. He proved his loyalty and obedience to God by being ready to give up his own son. May God help us.

(… post about 4 things Abraham took along)

Be blessed 💕