The Rapture is such a controversy among Christians. Here’s a simple perspective.

God is in control of our lives. He thought of us before the foundations of the earth. God knew us in our mother’s womb. He brought us until this day. The Father was always in control, because He loves His own. He helps those who lean on Him, trust in Him, obey Him.

There are two kinds of believers in the church; one who truly desire Jesus alone, and are willing to lose this world for Him. This kind are ready to suffer for His name. Willing to lose a job, friends; and even family for God. This group is daily living a life of persecution, unlike most christians who are too haughty to accept this truth because of their “dream life”.

There is another who holds on to sin or chooses to sin to get away from problems. They are willing to lie or cause division to get their way. Such will never be able to prepare for the rapture. They keep justifying their wrongs neither helping themselves grow nor others around them.

Most Are Losing Hope In The Rapture

We are making these choices everyday. Every today is a day of Christ (rapture) and the day of the Lord (left behind church). Many Christians do not have this revelation. They rely on their intellectual understanding, unwilling to humble themselves to even seek God for the possibility of a rapture and a lifestyle where God is present in every decision. Instead they are argumentative and stuck in old traditions that celebrates days and occasions (Galatians 4:9,10). They are stuck in their intellectual reading of the word of God which gives no room for intimacy or a stirring that enables much fruit for the kingdom of God.

What is love if we aren’t devoted daily to Him? We are called to be the bride of Christ; how does a bride betrothed to her love live everyday? Keeping herself spotless and blameless, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Eagerly awaiting everyday her groom. How do you want to live with Jesus now?

Prepare your heart for the day of Christ. Jesus is coming soon to take His bride. Praise God and Amen!