A big thank you to Herry Chic Counsels (herrychiccounsels) for nominating me for The Barnabas Award, which happens to be my first one! 😊

Herry is a strong woman of God, who believes in the power of His Word πŸ‘ Her posts have been of great encouragement to me!! What inspires me is she tries to remain faithful to her intimacy with Christ as much as possible. Don’t forget to check out her blog herrychiccounsels and give her a follow.

THE BARNABAS AWARD is presented in recognition of the encouragement and inspiration a blogger brings to their readers.

How This Award Works:

Thank the person who nominated you, and share their blog. Think of five bloggers that encourage and inspire you and nominate them. List five things about yourself and answer the questions. Lastly, ask your nominees five questions. Why five? Because it is the number that signifies grace.

The 5 things about me:

1. I love listening to only worship music.

2. This blog is my first writing experience(Public).

3. I have written 200 verses for a memory verse competition (I know it isn’t much πŸ˜„)

4. The only place I have travelled outside of my resident country is Gold Coast, Australia.

5. I used to play the tambourine in church.

Herry’s questions to me:

  • What motivates me? β€” Christ motivates me because He is the reason for my every Season.
  • What is your most memorable life experience? β€” Few years back I got affected with a typical skin disease, which almost left me broken-hearted. The Lord gave me grace to trust Him for my healing and then one day my husband and me caught hold of each other’s hands and prayed rebuking the powers of darkness. Praise be to God that within a week, it was all clear without any medication.
  • Which country would you like to visit the soonest? β€”- I would like to visit Canada and an Amish Village In the US someday.
  • How has the blogging experience been? β€” The journey has been wonderful thus far. I love writing because I think my views are more clear when I write than speaking. Also engaging and reading blogs of like minded people and community has been really refreshing 😊
  • What do you look out for in your relationships (friendship building)? β€” I love it when people are sincere and honest.

My Nominees are:

1. Pure Glory

2. Learning to be fearless

3. Daily Thankful

4. Love Grace and Light

5. Ekurie

My five questions:

1. What inspired you to start blogging, and what is the central focus of your blog?

2. When you are in need of encouragement, what encourages you the most?

3. What is the best way you feel that you can be an encouragement to others?

4. In what ways do you feel that your blog can offer words of hope, encouragement and inspiration to others?

5. In what ways can we, your fellow bloggers, encourage you?

To my nominees: Please do not feel obligated to participate. I nominated you because of the encouragement that you have been to me and I wanted to acknowledge that. Blessings!