The truth is – throughout life one will always have different kinds of teachers!!

And ofcourse, if you have a seeing eye and a hearing ear, you will learn; from the rejected as well! 😇 I mean, even a leper can teach you so many things. I am sure you must have seen them somewhere. No one readily accepts anything from a leper. But I was very happy to learn few things from them which I want to share with you.‬‬

You can read about these 4 lepers here. FYI – Leviticus 13:44-46 explains what needs to be done to an Israelite who has been affected by leprosy. In short, a leper is someone who is hated and rejected by all. This was during the Old Testament period.

But Jesus did not despise anyone who came to Him🙂


We, the New Testament Israelite, have the privilege of coming boldly to Jesus. It does not matter, the state we may be found. Through His death on the Cross, Jesus opened a new and a living way for us.

It’s obvious the living conditions of these lepers were despicable. Their city Samaria was reeling under a great famine. People went to the extent of eating their own kids – 2 Kings 6:25-28. So, they made the best decision – of taking that step of faith. They boldly stepped into the camp of the enemy in search of food. Normally no would dare to do that. To their great amazement they found the place empty – 2 kings 7:3-20.

They were as those who gathered the spoil after a great loot. Not only did they find food for themselves but they also found equipments, clothes, horses and chariots etc. You know what had happened?

The Syrian army heard the sound of a great army coming against them. God worked a miracle for the Israelites. The Syrians out of fear left their camp and ran like crazy to save their own lives. That was when these 4 diseased people entered the camp and filled themselves to their hearts content. They also informed the palace guards in Samaria that there was plenty of food and provision left by the Syrian army.

4 things about them which I really liked:

  • They were ready to die.
  • Spirit of firm faith was found in them.
  • They were not selfish.
  • They had no fear of death.

Sometimes we might think – I can’t do this. My faith isn’t so strong etc. But even with that little faith if we press forward, the Lord will remove all obstacles and do great things for us. That step of faith, for those lepers, acted like a host of army. Similarly to get victory over Satan we need to step ahead by faith.

Therefore I would encourage you to let go of your fears and take that step of faith boldly – to go ahead and live for Him. Remember God is with you. He won’t fail you. Never!!

Be blessed!