“ This happened sometime in evening when my brother and I were at home. Our parents were still at work and had not returned yet. Someone knocked on our door and my brother ran to open before I could. I was only a few feet away from him. As he was opening, the person outside pushed the door open, pointing a knife at my brother. The man shut the door behind and signalled both of us to remain silent.

Now, this man had a reputation.. he was known for killing people in nearby localities and was also involved in notorious activities. My brother and I were stunned and we stood still, not knowing what this man was upto!! I was more worried for my brother because he was the one standing really close to the intruder. However, both of us were quick to realise that this man had no intentions of harming us but was actually running away from the police. And so he had barged into our house to hide himself.

Although the windows were draped with curtains, we could see shadows of people coming up the stairs of our building. Both of us understood those were the cops looking for this criminal. They came up till our door and quietly walked back outside of the building gate. All of this happened within a matter of 10 minutes. As soon as the cops were gone, this man flung open our door and ran out of the building. My brother and I rushed to the balcony to see what was about to happen and found the cops chasing that man again, firing shots in the air. By then, he ran and disappeared into the slums.”


Today, as I think about this incident that had happened a few years ago, I remember the state that I was in, back then — arrogant and selfish at heart (though innocent). Anything could have happened that night. Neither my brother nor I deserved to be safe. But God was mighty.

Dear friend, there are innumerable ways each day, how God preserves us more than we can ask or think! Our God deserves our love. Every moment of our time belongs to Him. He is our Abba Father. Loving God. Merciful One. Righteous Judge. Holy & full of Glory. May God fill us with His love that we may be burning for Him till the end.

Be blessed 💕