“I was born in a religious family, my parents were devoted to their idols. Being an only child, I was given a lot of freedom and much loved. Since we had a large house, the priests would often conduct their prayers at my house. I grew up with a dislike for these idols because they were just stones. I could not understand the religious fervour the people around me had and rejected their practices to seek my own, remain an agnostic.

At 19, I started a training center alongwith a friend. It was running fine till a firm decided to deny us our payment for training a few of their employees. We lost a lot of money that made us shut shop. I had no intention to work for any company, and sought revenge. I decided to join this firm one day and make them bankrupt. The firm had no dealings with me, external dealings were managed by my friend. I left my village to seek opportunities in the same field. I managed to get a few gigs in the country, moved cities over a couple of years, eventually landed at this firm. The firm had a team of 20 odd employees working on various projects, I was initially given a project with a low budget. I was waiting for a high budget project that ran into crores, enough to bring the firm down for good. I had a fool-proof strategy and was convinced I could pull it off without a doubt. 

While working at the firm, there was a young lady (employee) who would share Christ with everyone. She would go around telling how the Lord had changed her life. She had an incurable sickness, she tried all meds, went to doctors, everything failed. She eventually cried to Jesus having newly heard of him. Jesus appeared before her and touched her. She was instantly healed. She gave her life to Christ. Since then, she has been sharing Christ with all she meets. She started sharing Christ with me and I would mock her regularly. It went to a point where she stopped sharing Christ with me. As a few weeks passed from the day she stopped preaching to me, I had an encounter with God.

One night, I woke up to drink a glass of water. After drinking, I placed the glass of water on the table to get back to sleep. As I was about to lie on the bed, two spirits appeared before me. A black spirit and another white spirit. The white spirit pulled my spirit man out of the body and showed me all the different ways God had saved me from accidents and death. Each time, God revealed that it was His Grace alone that saved me and not the people involved. Once I stood before a train to commit suicide, someone pushed me away from the track. As the train went by, I saw no one. The Spirit revealed that the angel of God had saved me. There were multiple other incidents of how God saved me. After these revelations, I found myself in my body. Shocked and confused I could not sleep that night. Left early for office to speak to my colleague who shared Christ. She was too afraid to speak to me thinking I was up to some tricks. I tried convincing her but I failed. For the next few weeks I wasn’t my normal self. My normal self always finished work quickly to bully others. But, this time, I was quiet. I would do my work quietly everyday and return home. She felt something was wrong with me.

A month later, the memory of the encounter started to fade away. This time, Jesus appeared before me. He asked me what I was doing with my life. I humbled myself and asked Jesus what he wanted from me. I was ready for anything he wanted from me. I had never believed in any God, now I did and was willing to give my life away for the One who saved me, and died and rose again for me.

Jesus told me two things; 1) To Never Question Him. 2) To Always Keep Jesus In the Center of my Life.

Since being saved, now 8 years, God has been gracious. I’m not only saved, but also Water Baptised, and Spirit Baptised by His amazing Grace.”


Note: Names and certain incidents are omitted for anonymity without compromising on the essence, for the edification of readers and believers.