I was sick and completely bedridden. As I wrestled with the fact of sickness itself in general in my mind, I realised that nothing happens without Gods knowledge in our lives. God has been my healer till date, the pain and suffering is worth the journey because at the end there is more than just physical healing. There is a deeper relationship that forms which helps me live a life set on Jesus alone. When we wait in the Lord the healing is all round – mental, emotional and physical.

Crushed and tired with sickness

I lay down on my bed

Knowing whom to ask for help

Laid down crying instead

The pain grew stronger and stronger

I could not take it any longer

So I cried out My Jesus my healer

Who is my only redeemer

He stretched His hand and touched me

I knew not when it came

But this I know when He would touch me

I would never be the same

He has His ways to heal me

Who am I to question Him?

His promise to deliver me

Is the hope that lives within