There is much we can learn from the life of Joseph. I want to share only two qualities of Joseph that is necessary for every young Christian today.

There is none greater in this house than I; neither hath he kept back any thing from me but thee, because thou art his wife: how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God? (Genesis 39:9)

In the house of Potiphar, his Master, Joseph had gained much favour and given much responsibility. Once when his Master was away, he was made the Master of the House. He had power over everyone, except the wife of Potiphar (Of course). The wife of Potiphar turned out to be an evil woman; she wanted to sleep with Joseph. Joseph was a young and hardworking man. She tried to lure him with words, and when that did not work out she tried to take advantage of him physically. Joseph was quick enough to run away, sadly, he was stripped naked by Potiphar’s wife as he held his garment tightly.

Joseph was confronted with a situation which could damage his reputation and his future completely.

Preserve Your Body, The Temple of God

The Word of God says, flee youthful lusts (2 Timothy 2:22). Joseph knew the danger of his situation and ran away from it. He was mentally and emotionally alert to flee. He did not get drawn into the temptation of lying with her. He knew very well that trying to please his Master’s wife would be a wickedness and sin against God.

How many Christians actually understand the need to keep their body pure? The Word of God in 1 Corinthians 7:1 clearly states, it is good for a man not to touch a woman. So many young lives have been broken because of disobeying the word of God regarding this matter. Many live in guilt and shame; crippling their walk with God. Many youth are unable to repent and receive their forgiveness and rebuild their life again. The body is the temple of God. We need to keep ourselves holy; Joseph proved an excellent example of purity and holiness.

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. (1 Corinthians 6:18-20)

Depend On God Alone

Even though Joseph was falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife; he willingly went to jail as ordered by his Master. He did not create a ruckus or try to prove his innocence. He was helpless and in a hopeless situation. Yet, he did not lose hope in God. He did not let the situation or the people who went against him wrongfully distract him from His love for God. He knew his identity in God, and waited patiently for God to work for him.

God’s favour was evident in Joseph’s life. Not all did God bless Joseph’s work, he became the most trusted man in all of Egypt. When we wait upon God, he sees us through miraculously, and mightily. Let’s not be distracted by the wealth and status he gained; and stay focused on what we in the New Testament ministry should stay focused on i.e. the riches of His glory in eternity.

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him. The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power, (Ephesians 1:17-19)

Joseph’s life is filled with action. Action against him. What shines through is Joseph’s active duty to God in every area of his life. No matter what the trial was, he trusted God. He believed in doing the will of God, humbling himself, only to be richly blessed by God.

Hope this Word of God enriched your life. Pray for the children and youth of this generation as they battle through an unprecedented time of sin and deception. May the Lord prepare us for His soon coming!