You can overcome your past if you stay faithful in your walk with God. The anger, vengeance, or bitterness we host inside is a terrible deterrent. Yet, there is a way. Only one way.

Betrayed by his own brothers and thrown into a pit; for 20 years Joseph lived in bondage in Egypt. He stayed true to God in the years of trial because he knew only God; and he knew God knew him.

During his trial, even his captors knew the God he worshipped. Wherever you work, does everyone know who you belong to? Is Jesus your testimony? Is Jesus centre of all you do?

After Joseph became next to pharaoh in all of Egypt; he remembered his family, his brothers. When he met them due to the famine, he forgave them (Genesis 45:5) but they did not believe that Joseph had already forgiven them (Genesis 50:15). After Jacob died, the brothers feared that now he will destroy them all.

Joseph saw his trial as a blessing from God because he loved God. He did not sulk and live in fear during the bondage he was in. His brothers on the other hand, did not grow in the lord at all, rather their heart was stuck in grief and fear. Even after being forgiven, they couldn’t accept the forgiveness; they couldn’t forgive themselves.

So, how to overcome your past?

Many believers are stuck in old incidents, in the past, unable to move on. The only way to forget the past that bears you down is by looking at the ONE who can change your future. Only the Godly Christian walk which is nothing like how we think or feel can enable us to step outside of our SELF.

Dear believer, receive your forgiveness and forgive others in life. The coming of the lord is here; Praise God and Amen.