Fellowship with brothers in Christ is a blessed gift from the Lord. Scripture says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Psalms 133:1).

An undeniable truth, for when we come together in one accord, God manifests His love in different ways. Acts 2:1-4, reveals the beauty of fellowship. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit after he ascended into heaven, and on the 50th day, there was an outpouring for the first time which kicked off the New Testament ministry. The Spirit of God manifests in different ways when believers gather to worship in spirit and truth.

Once a brother was sharing about the love of God with a group of few young believers gathered together at a home for prayer. These were Spirit Baptised youth who went to a Pentecostal church. The older among them, stirred by the Spirit, began to share about how much Jesus loved his own. The group being quite young, late teens and early twenties, the portrayal of Jesus was that of a lover. How Jesus Love was much more than any lover on the planet, and that none could love like Jesus did. He started to narrate that Jesus desires to hold us, hug us, and even kiss us.

While some were unsure how to react having heard it for the first time, one of the young brothers spoke up saying, how can Jesus be like this? He could not believe that Jesus, mighty King of Kings, Lord of all the earth (sitting on a throne) would emote in such a fashion with a mere human being. His religious understanding made him feel that Jesus was too majestic and glorious to perform such intimate acts.

The older brother, filled with the love of God and brimming with a confident smile, declared that since this brother doubts let us ask the Lord in prayer. “Let’s pray unitedly for God to reveal this truth to the dear brother”, everyone agreed. As everyone prayed with one accord, the presence of God manifested strongly. Praying in tongues and understanding, the group was rejoicing in the Spirit. The prayer concluded after 10 minutes.

As everyone settled, the young brother who had questioned was still in tears crying and praising God. The older brother asked, “What happened? What did Jesus reveal?”, realising that the Spirit of God had spoken through a vision to the youth. The young brother, crying, said, in the vision, “Jesus invited me into a very beautiful garden, filled with different kinds of trees bearing fruits and flowers. It was impossible to explain the beauty of the garden. I was reluctant to enter as I was too overwhelmed and a little scared but Jesus held me lovingly, and took me to a beautiful Rose tree. He plucked a Rose and placed it on my palm, saying, “I love you”.

Isn’t it beautiful when Jesus decides to reveal His love in simple, yet effective ways? Not everyone is blessed with supernatural visions, some are enlightened by the Word, some are spoken to in dreams, etc. whatever the experience, it must match with the Word of God or His personality. The word of God warns us to test every spirit. 

Dear reader, relinquish past doubts or false understanding of Jesus and seek a deeper, intimate walk with God. The sheep hears the voice of the Shepherd.