The season of romance is here!! 💕

The second day of the Valentine week is celebrated as the Propose Day.

Celebrated on February 8 worldwide, young couples express their feelings to their crush or the love of their life.

With great love people express all their feelings to that special someone, as to how they feel about them. And as the name suggests Propose Day is all about expressing heartfelt emotions.

Whether it’s just about popping that big question or making their partner feel special, couples are careful not to miss out on anything.

Well, all of this is so romantic! NO DOUBT!! 😊

Nevertheless, here’s the greatest proposal of all times!

Did you know that 2000 years ago, the Heavenly Father sent a love proposal to man. And, His name is Jesus. True love, perfect and pure.


As believers, we know Jesus today because He chose us first. He proposed to us and expressed His love for us first. Our souls did crave for a deep and long lasting love. We said “Yes” to Jesus heartily when we first knew Him and life was beautiful everyday.

But how is our lifestyle today in God’s sight? Are we feeding our minds and hearts with Jesus or strange love? How are the words of our mouth?

Do we abuse when we get angry? Do we hurt people intentionally, specially when our guard is down? Do we love others like Jesus?

Many believers are still considering proposals from Jesus as well as the devil. Most are in a dual relationship. ‘Who is where’ depends on conveniences and situations.

JESUS LOVES US MORE THAN WE CAN EVER IMAGINE. Only Jesus’ love matters on this earth. You know why?

Because His love for us goes far beyond the grave, it is eternal.

Therefore, let’s come closer to Jesus. Let Him fill your mind and heart with joy unspeakable. Enjoy every day of life on earth.

Be blessed!