There is a framework for every creation on earth. The Earth is the Box or framework for humans to co-exist. School, College, Workplaces, all have their boundaries and frameworks. It was never about control, it is about getting everyone on the same page. While we enjoy mutually agreed upon policies in human systems, there is an increasing gap between what man thinks is fine and what God has set, as fine.

Natural Order in Eden

There was order in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve knew their responsibilities. It was as it is overwhelming because everything was new to them. Instead of making the most of what was before them, they gave into strange talk. The serpent, Satan, who did not belong in the garden of Eden deceived man into rebelling against God.

We need to be careful that we do not desire more than necessary, like Adam and Eve. There are many convincing arguments and discussion happening in the world today. Destructive laws and policies are being created that go against the natural order of God’s creation; threatening the future of mankind. The nature of Eve to know more than necessary, more than what God had already said is a key to understanding the balance we need to maintain for this life.

The desire to know more is the greatest trap we are in today. “So much to learn, so little time.” Instead of getting to know God more they went for a perspective outside the zone of truth – God’s word and fellowship. The liar, led her away with his lies.

Family Boundaries

Dinah desired to see the daughters of the land. She overstepped her boundaries by going alone. Instead of obeying and staying in or having checked in with her father and brothers. She did not. She chose an independence outside of God’s will. Her rape, further led to her brothers shedding the blood of many.

Framework of Battle

Saul rejected the word of God and was thereby rejected by God (1 Samuel 15:23) as king of Israel. Saul was told to utterly destroy every person and thing of the Amalekites. He disobeyed by keeping the best of the flock, and some spoils (1 Samuel 15:15). Sometimes, like Saul, we choose to think what we are doing is better even though God has told us not to.

Why is love growing cold?

Because believers need to learn to be Jesus. Know Jesus, not the world. All else will fall perfectly in place.

This life is about sticking to the truth, no matter what happens. When we stay in the knowledge of God, God will take care of us. Maranatha, praise God and amen.