We can stay protected 24/7 only in Christ. In fact the world is still under protection of the King of all the earth. Though Satan is the prince of this world, nothing happens without God’s knowledge. When satan came to God to test Job, God preserved Job’s life. satan could do only what he was permitted to do.

God is our refuge and strength. All who trust in Him, He protects. The Word gives us a clearer picture of those He protects.

Who can stay protected?

1. Prayer warriors (Psalms 91:1,2). Only those who pray find rest and peace in their souls.
2. The faithful (Psalms 31:23). The faithful walk in obedience to the word of God, daily.
3. The simple (Psalms 116:6). Simplicity doesn’t mean being stupid or foolish. It means being humble, authentic and honest. Being a person with no guile – no evil word or thought. Nathanael was identified by Jesus as a man with no guile (John 1:47).
4. Strangers, fatherless and widows (Psalms 146:9). He helps everyone who is helpless and hopeless.
5. Those who love Him (Psalms 145:20). God first loved us; when we love Him, we stay in His presence which keeps us preserved in Him.
6. The righteous (Psalms 37:17). All those who love the word of God, and do it, He keeps them.
7. His servants (Psalms 34:22). All those who serve the Lord day and night.

These and much more reveals God’s great love for mankind. He did not create us to neglect us. We are His creation and only He loves us truly. Our God is a good God, holy and just in all His ways. HE is our Heavenly Father who is always watching over His children and all those who turn to Him.

Let’s preserve our life by staying in the shadow of the Almighty. Jesus is coming soon, praise God and amen.