No person can rest in peace after death if that person isn’t resting in peace daily, when he/she is alive. These days it’s such a trend, that when someone passes away, people are just RIP-ing away. Sad to say, most don’t mean when they say it; and that becomes just another tweet or post for their social media.

Peace is not gazing into an ocean or a landscape. You feel good, that’s not peace. Staying quiet or “keeping calm” isn’t the answer. One aspect of a person full of God’s peace is, he or she is an ambassador of God’s Word. Wherever they go they carry the good news of the gospel of peace.

Did you know a Christian soldier always walks in peace? If you have the peace of God in you, it is obvious you will tell everyone you can about God’s peace in you – Jesus! Who is it that wears the sandals of peace? Soldiers wear the sandals of peace. You are a soldier in God’s army. Peace is full of action. Action that draws people to Christ and encourages others to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

God has given us sandals of peace so we can carry the gospel wherever we go. We are soldiers who carry the good news to others. We are expected to be the peacemakers by uniting people within themselves. Why are people lost? Because they are divided inside. And the peacemaking soldier of Jesus is aware of the state of the heart of mankind. Believers burdened for perishing souls spend quality time in prayer and sharing the Word.

Arise and Shine for the glory of God. Let Jesus rule your heart, the captain of our souls. While we walk with Him, when He appears, we will fly to be with Him forever. Amen!

And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Ephesians‬ ‭6:15

Be blessed 💕