Do you pray like a king? We are called to be Kings (and priests).
Do you go to The Heavenly Father for all matters?

A prayer life is a natural lifestyle of every believer. I’m not talking about the formal, organised, prayer times religion teaches us. While that is nice, I’m talking about the prayer lifestyle of the Spirit baptised saints. Those who pray all the time. Available for prayer when required to pray in the power of the anointing.

Some examples of how and what Kings in the Old Testament prayed for;

Pray like a king for your war against evil everyday

King Jehoshaphat had to go to war against an army larger than his; he turned to God, got entire Judah to fast and pray, even the little ones and children. He humbled himself greatly, acknowledging the fact that neither did he have the strength nor did he know what to do. (2 Chronicles 20:2,12,13).

Did you know you have “enough evil” to fight against everyday? (Matthew 6:34)

Pray for healing

King Hezekiah sought healing in prayer to God (2 Kings 20:1-11). His humble request to God extended his life for 15 years more years.

Pray for the House of God

Nehemiah had a great burden for God’s work and saints. He cried and fasted for God to move concerning the reparation and restoration of Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 1)

Pray like a king according to The King of kings

King Solomon in his request to God before he started to rule, chose wisdom to lead God’s people. While he dedicated the temple to God, his offering was burnt by fire from heaven (2 Chronicles 7:1-3); a pleasing sacrifice, the promise of God was fulfilled.

Pray sincerely

King David’s terrible sins were forgiven by God. he had sincerely repented before God. Not only that, he proved his love for God, as a man after God’s own heart. (Psalms 51) (1 Samuel 13:14)

True kings are prayer warriors.

Follow Jesus. He is the perfect example for all believers.

Learn from the apostolic doctrines and saints. Get ready, Jesus is coming. Praise God and Amen!