Why is it necessary to overcome fear? Fear has torment (1 John 4:18). It is torturous. It cripples you from the inside, so much so that the mental and emotional suffering takes a toll on the body as well.

Where is the final place of torture?

The fearful will go to hell (Revelation 21:8). In fact, they are manifesting the qualities of their end destination on earth when they are bound by fear. Hell is full of everlasting torment.

What effect does fear have on people?

  • Fear makes a person lie. Also, make false promises. (Peter, the disciple, was so gripped with fear that he denied Jesus, who he claimed to love. He had also claimed he would die for him.)
  • Fear takes your eyes off Jesus, and fixes it on the storms in your life. Looking at the storm cannot help us overcome fear (Peter, the disciple, was walking on water, living the impossible life, till a storm brewed and he looked at the storm. He was filled with fear that almost drowned him.)

Some more; Adam blamed God and man rather than admitting his fault. Abraham lied about Sarah being his sister, to Abimelech. 10 spies feared and brought bad news, unlike Joshua and Caleb who brought good news.

What is the only solution to overcome fear?

Perfect love casts out fear. Those who love God wholeheartedly will never be found lying, blaming others, bringing bad news, making false promises, etc.

Peter, the apostle, was a transformed man of God. He was filled with perfect love when he gave room to the Holy Spirit in his heart.

Let’s be transformed for the glory of God. Let us manifest the love of God so we are found in Heaven. Be full of His love so we meet Him when He comes in the air. Marantha, Praise God and Amen.