When we waste our life, we waste away God’s grace eventually finding ourselves in hurtful lusts that consume us.

The rich man wasted away his time in the pleasures of this life; eating away sumptuously even after knowing Lazarus the poor man suffered outside, hungry, by his gate (Luke 16:19-21).

We may think we aren’t that “rich” materially. Have you been blessed by the Lord? In Ephesians 1:3, Paul reminds us about how we are blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. There are people ailing all around us, in need of mental and emotional healing. Be available for the Holy Spirit to lead you to them to feed them the word of God (spiritual food).

Both died, and the rich man was burning in hell. He saw Lazarus in Abraham’s bosom. A clear depiction of the consequences of the choices we make on earth.

Costly Tastes Makes Waste

The rich man realised his terrible lifestyle, but it was too late for him. Yet, he thought he could save his five brothers who were living the similar extravagant lifestyle. He wanted Lazarus to go warn his brothers so they could be saved and not meet the same fate as his.

Abraham responded saying it wouldn’t matter even if a dead man tried to persuade them when they already have knowledge about Moses and the prophets. Such is the state of those who are in a backslidden state.

A backslidden state is a state of spiritual poverty and unrest. Many love God initially and when blessed materially fall out of God’s grace with carnal living. Similar to the case of Job’s children who lived wantonly.

We need to examine our lives today!

Is your prayer and bible meditation transforming your life? If not, get your heart right with God. Jesus is coming soon. Praise God and Amen!