Fact of a believer’s lifeHe/she cannot stop sinning except surrendering his/her life to Christ.

The natural body, that is the body we are now in, was born in sin.

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; Romans‬ ‭3:23

Now, even after accepting Jesus as our personal Redeemer and Saviour, the flesh continues to wrestle against the mind and heart. Nevertheless, just like the body that is born in sin is ready to fulfil the desires of the flesh; when we are born again in the spirit, our intentions reveal our desires for God and His work.

📝: The flesh(self), the devil and the world, keeps attacking us relentlessly by wanting us to be drawn towards various temptations. This fight is a daily fight within ourselves and can be won/overcome only when our spirit is strengthened by God. The Holy Spirit is given to us to stay committed to Jesus — to learn and preach and teach and do all we can for Christ as long as we are in this flesh.

Hence, when we focus on Jesus, we would be able to overcome the lusts of the eye and flesh. Thereby, we are able to see through the pride of this life working against us and purpose in our hearts to live for Heaven.

God is unchanging. His ways are forevermore. Eternity begins when we decide to live for Jesus daily. Therefore, hold on to your faith, choose Life and grow into Eternal life, press on in Christ! Jesus is coming to take all those who live with this hope. May God help us.

Be blessed 💕