Living like a saint in the last days is getting almost impossible. Sin is increasing, and the love of many have waxed cold. Ministers have become comfortable because of the abundance of earthly provision. The flock is mingled, at the verge of a spiritual breakdown.

Paul tells Timothy four things to live like a saint in the last days. We need to WEEP for the house of God.

“But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.” ‭‭(2 Timothy‬ ‭4:5‬)

A saint in the last days weeps for the lost


Jesus warned Peter and John to watch and pray (Matthew 26:41). The last days will bring many temptations and trials across every area of life. The world will increase their attention to fulfilling fleshly needs, which will be an open attack on spiritual needs. A saint will need to watch in prayer, not in their own intelligence. Patiently listening to what the Holy Spirit has to say. We will have hard decisions to take which may cost us in the physical.

Endure like a saint in the last days…

Jesus endured the foolishness and wickedness of those who persecuted Him. All those who live godly will need to suffer some form of persecution or the other. This light affliction will seem like a moment as it will work a greater glory, where we will be forever with God. The endurance will increase our faith, refining us purer than gold.


Preach, tell people offline, publish online, let the name of Jesus only be glorified. Not organisations or individuals in ministry. Humility is the hallmark of every true saint. Staying focused on glorifying God is necessary instead of pulling down each other’s work, publicly. So many ministries have gone out of line trying to be unique by pushing another down. None of these ministries can prepare themselves for the coming of the lord as they live like stumbling blocks.

Proof Of Ministry

Our faith is not hearsay or a fable, but founded on the perfect word of God that transforms lives. Paul writing to the church in Colossians 1:4 talks about how love and faith were evident in their walk. He reiterates the same evidence of love and faith shown towards the saints in Ephesians 1:15. To the church of Thessalonians, we see how their faith was evident in their standing firm amidst an environment of idol worship, sorcery and evil.

We are in the last days, and it will take our everything to live out the faith till the every end. Many are stuck in the “Great American (insert another country) Life”. Unless, we do not leave all for the sake of Christ, we cannot enter into the kingdom of God. Now is the time to give up all for the kingdom of God; by giving up, I mean, labouring for the things of God much more, and not just for this world, with all you have.

What a day that will be when we meet Jesus our love in the air! Maranatha, praise God and amen!