The Samaritan man was the only person who showed mercy and compassion; to the half dead man lying outside Jerusalem, on the way to Jericho.

Neither the priest nor the Levite bothered to care for the wounded man. When our position is more important than the service expected of the position, we are no more good in the sight of God.

Let not our religious and “exclusive” lifestyle be useless to the world we are in. Our rituals and discipline is to strengthen our inner man and to serve others.

Many believers are living uselessly, settled in their prayer timings and Sunday worship. Not intentional about doing any good, just want to “do their own thing”. It reduces us to hypocrites and not those who are willing to give up their lives for Jesus.

The Samaritan Woman

The Samaritan woman is a great example of one who received Christ believing his every word. Which resulted in her preaching Christ to her own kind and bringing many to the truth.

She desired the water that Christ could give (John 4:15). She left her waterpot (John 5:28) to go tell everyone about Jesus. Leaving the waterpot that could satisfy her flesh only for a little while, she headed to her folks and told them about The ONE who could give everlasting water.

Believers are called to pray with burden for lost souls, and action out love, as the Holy Spirit leads. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to those who are really in need. Like the good Samaritan who saved the wounded man, when we stay fixed in the presence of God, He will lead us to heal the broken hearted. Like the Samaritan woman who desired living water and was awaiting Christ, we too must prepare ourselves for the soon appearing of Jesus.

Don’t worry, God will provide the help through you even if you don’t think you are good for it.

Get ready, Jesus is coming. Praise God and Amen!