Today, I want to take you through a place called Mizpah mentioned in the Old Testament – Bible.

This place played an important role in the lives of many Prophets, Judges and people of God – many wonderful events had occurred here during the days of old.

Well, you may ask — how does the importance of a place make any difference to our lives, to people living in a completely different time period!! Good question😊

Getting you straight to the point:


  • It was here that Jephthah/Gideon poured out his heart ♥️ before God and sought Him for counsel. Judges 11:11. This man was about to leave for a war and he wanted God to protect his people from the enemies.
  • Mizpah is compared to the Presence of God. It was here that Hannah, Hezekiah and Daniel and also Jesus, who came seeking God’s face. Hannah wanted a son, Hezekiah wanted healing from his sickness, Daniel wanted God to lead him in Babylon, the heathen land and Jesus prayed with a great burden. Each of their prayers were answered.
  • In Mizpah the Israelites drew water and poured before the Lord meaning they emptied themselves before God by keeping a fast; they also cleansed and sanctified their lives. 1 Samuel 7:5-7. Emptying ourselves refers to having a broken and a contrite spirit and sharing everything with Him. 2 Chronicles 7:14. God never despises such prayers. Jesus shed tears and prayed; likewise we need to also weep and cry to God for our lives and the lives of our children.
  • Jacob and Laban vowed a vow/promise before God with each other in this place and named it as Mizpah. Genesis 31:45-49. Here it refers to making covenant with God in His Presence. He’s made many covenants with us, now it’s our turn to make vows and also fulfill them.

There is a perfect reason why God included the Old Testament along with the New Testament in the Scriptures. The events in Old Testament are a shadow for us, of the New Testament events so that we learn from them and apply it in our lives. May God help us to experience Mizpah daily.

Be blessed💕