I grew up in a strict Pentecostal background. I enjoyed my life in church. Sunday school, sermons and testimonies I heard were eye opening as I learnt about God’s amazing love.

On one hand miracles happened, sicknesses were healed without medicine, prayers were answered, Jesus reigned supreme over my life.

On the other, I was living another life. A secret life of sin which ate me inside. Whenever I was down I would call out to God and He would set me free.

It got to a point where I had to get out of the safety and security of home and get to know the real me.

Out, everything was different. I found out I was a miserable wreck. As I stayed away from fellowship for a couple of years, I got stripped away off all I had gained in Christ.

At the point of hopelessness and helplessness I called out to God. He heard me again, to my surprise. I cried and cried, and apologised to my Father who loved me so dear. He said, Son, bring your body to my presence and I’ll take care of your spirit and soul.

Off to church I went, again, in another city. Everything started to come back. Revelation poured in, joy restored, and purpose in place.

The devil wasn’t liking my restoration process and started to remind me of the lack of love in people at church. I began to see things in church not very Christian like. I was convinced and decided to question God.

“O Lord, what’s the point of great doctrines without love? Why don’t these people know how to love? I was determined to leave the church. The Spirit of God reminded, “Where is your love for my people?”

It changed how I looked at life forever. Now there is no turning back. It’s all about love. It’s all about Jesus. It’s all about Jesus in me a reality. It’s my turn to give my life away.