Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. (Matthew 5:7)

We read about two blind men who called out to Jesus while he was on the way. These two blind men had heard about Jesus. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. It takes faith to call out to Jesus when everyone around tells you to shut up. The multitude rebuked the two blind men, demanding them to keep their peace. But, these two blind men had a greater vision than all who hung around Jesus. They did not let their disregard and rejection stand in the way of their belief in what they heard about Jesus. They called out and asked the King of kings to grant them mercy. 

Why ask for mercy? They should have asked for healing. Right? They had spiritual insight even without natural sight. They knew what they were asking and to whom! What do you think they may have heard about Jesus? 

Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; (Psalms 103:3)

When you believe, you will see the glory of God. They knew this man was no ordinary man. They believed Jesus was God, and that He had the power to forgive sins which was more important than getting healed. Hearing their cry for mercy, Jesus stopped and asked them what they wanted? Did Jesus not know they wanted to be healed of their natural blindness too? When we read scripture in light of who God is and what He wants accomplished in man, we will begin to see the grand plan of God in every incident. 

I believe not only were they healed physically, their sins were forgiven too. The two blind men followed Jesus soon after they received sight in their eyes. They weren’t distracted by the world and its pleasures. The gratitude they had in their hearts went beyond physical healing. It had the grand touch of Gods mercy.

They received mercy and followed the merciful One. All those who follow Jesus need to be merciful. Need to realise the beauty of what we have received in Christ Jesus. A freedom that no man can give. Freely He gave, freely we must give.

We who are born in this grace period received mercy much before we even entered earth. We always existed before earth was created, in Gods mind. Yet, we entered at a time after the grand sacrifice and exemplary love shown by the Father for His creation. We were forgiven before we committed any sin. Now that we know what sin is, we learn to sin no more by following Jesus and the leading of the Holy Spirit in every area of our life. We grow from faith to faith, glory to glory. The power of sin is no match for the power in the blood of Jesus.

The multitude wanted to stone the prostitute. Typical pharisaical behaviour (Matthew 23:23). No one wanted to show mercy. They wanted to blame one woman for her sins and feed their egotistic hearts in the name of justice, though they themselves were sinful. She came to the only man who understood it all – Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Jesus not only had mercy on the woman, He spoke the word that arrested the hearts of the multitude from further sin of murder, and forgave them too on the cross. Jesus also told the woman to “Sin no more”. What did she do to avoid sin in her life? Follow Jesus who showed her mercy and saved her life.

Today, most Christians are finding it hard to forgive. No one can enter heaven without forgiving all. If you cannot overcome the hurt or pain caused to you by your brother, you cannot enter heaven. Heaven is for the overcomer! If you host un-forgiveness in your heart you won’t be able to show mercy and thereby receive mercy. Be poor in spirit, stay humble, hunger and thirst for righteousness alone, God will take care of everything. You have been shown mercy, have mercy on those who need your forgiveness. When you are merciful, you will receive your mercy required for Heaven.

Jesus forgave all, He had mercy on everyone who went against Him. Even to those who betrayed Him when they should have stayed by Him. He took the suffering of the cross so we may find hope and follow His way to enter Heaven.

Like Jesus, let us learn to walk in compassion and love to follow Him all the days of our lives.