I have noticed — Children and youth complain a lot more today than ever before. They think they know a lot more than their elders. Though this has been typical over generations. But what’s new during our time? Excessive information without context.


Remember, as believers we are called to be like Jesus. If we say these elders are failing to be like Jesus then how can we remain strong? The answer is, you’ve already put yourself in a place of backsliding. Some of these children have young counsellors (mentors); the sad part is even these mentors are found constantly complaining against others – Finding fault with the church or leaders.

There are problems, no doubt. No institution will stand tall at the end. Only saints will. The Word of God has already spoken about false teachers and prophets. They will rise from inside churches to distract people from the Word of God.

Make the choice to be the light God has called you to be! We live in an unhealthy competitive world. We should not bring the unhealthy competition of the world into church. We need to care for one another, desire the best for others. Then God will pour His blessings from Zion. May Jesus be found in us all!

Be blessed 💕