Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me; and to him that ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God – Psalms 50:23.

This morning the above mentioned scripture flashed across my mind.

Right from childhood my parents taught me to memorize scripture portions as much as I could. The Word of God is our Refuge and Strength. Memorizing and preserving them in my heart, would keep me going throughout my life – they helped me understand

Even during my Sunday School days there used to be Memory Verse Competitions, in which I would regularly participate. And so, the Lord gave me grace to memorize quite a few scripture portions. Yes, the Word of God has been my Strength thus far.


This portion caught my attention. The word “conversation” does not only refer to what we talk or speak. It also refers to our conduct, that is, our attitude, lifestyle, behaviour etc.

In order to see the mighty work of God in our day to day lives, we must pay attention to our conversation or conduct. This is where most of us fail.

Our conduct is good when we come to His Presence – we sing songs, clap hands, confess our shortcomings to Him and are relieved of all our burdens. But once we are out of prayer and worship we are back to living our old lives again.


God wants our conduct to be pleasing in His sight throughout the day. How is this possible?

For this to happen we need to be conscious of how we live each day. The more we are aware of what has been written in God’s Word concerning our living, the more carefully we will live each day.

But for someone who has been living life as a religious Christian, this won’t come naturally. By reading and meditating the Word of God daily will help him/her bring about this change.

When you call out to Jesus and ask Him to help you live this life daily, He will definitely help you do so. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He will also help you live your life correctly, according to His Word and also help you enter the Kingdom of God.

Be blessed!