Why do we become discouraged? Why do clouds of discouragement appear in our lives?

The most simple reason for discouragement is when we want to do our own will and don’t desire to yield ourselves to the will of God. Being unwilling to follow God’s leading, brings discouragement in us.

Here are few examples from the Scriptures , of people who were discouraged when their own will wasn’t done:

  • Jonah – God asked Jonah to go to Nineveh. The wickedness of that place had reached before God. But Jonah took a ship to Tarshish instead. He wanted to run away from God’s presence. Later on, he obeys God’s command and does accordingly. Then we see him complaining to God to take away his life – Jonah 4:3.
  • Elijah – Ahab’s wife Jezebel had threatened Elijah that she would get him killed. Elijah the great prophet, who rained down fire from heaven was disappointed listening to this. In 1 kings 19:3,4 we see him asking God to take away his life. He didn’t want to suffer for God anymore. Also, the words of a heathen woman made him discouraged.
  • Moses – In Numbers 11:14,15 we see the Israelites complaining for meat to Moses. Their murmurings made Moses angry and we see him asking God to take away his life. He was discouraged. He didn’t want to listen to their grumbling anymore.
  • Peter – We know Peter was an expert fisherman. He knew his trade in and out. In Luke 5:4-6 we see he and his fellow men labouring all night. They got nothing. But when he obeyed what Jesus said and cast the net once again the results were unexpected.

Dear child of God, when things don’t work out the way you’ve planned and everything seems out of place – do not be sad and worried. Rather cast all your cares into the hands of God. He knows to make a way for you. He will lead you through. His courage will never discourage.

Be blessed!