The two disciples walking towards Emmaus were ignorant of the fact that it was Jesus who was walking with them. Luke 24:18. They thought He was just a stranger in those parts, tagging along as they walked to Jerusalem.

Why did this happen to them? They were unable to recognise Christ because a few days earlier they had forsaken Him and ran away for their lives — out of fear. They lost their fellowship with Jesus; He wasn’t around anymore and that’s how He became a stranger to them.

Quite often, this very thing happens with us as well. By the way let me make it very clear 🙈 I am in no way judging or pointing fingers at anyone (not even the two disciples)😅 because that’s how we are!! When life goes well, and everything is in its rightful place, God is good!

A little change with the state of our affairs, that’s it! We begin to show signs of frustration and discontent. But let me tell you – it’s time to buckle up and hold onto Him tight. By staying perturbed and anxious we can no longer keep our hearts with Jesus, for long. And slowly the relationship with Him begins to fade. Remember you are called to rule – To be a king!

Another aspect of Jesus becoming a stranger is when we disregard taking part in the Holy Table. Whoso partakes in His flesh and blood, has Eternal Life in them – God will raise him up (from the dead) on the last day. John 6:51-53.

Let not Jesus be a way-faring man, as He was for the Israelites while they were in bondage. Jeremiah 14:8,9. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24. The Prodigal son took his inheritance and went off to a far country – he not only wasted his substance, but also lost the relationship with his father. Let this not be our state!

Be blessed 💕