We are faith beings. Confidence and belief form part of who we are. If it wasn’t for natural faith we wouldn’t move ahead. Natural faith is but earthly, temporary. It’s a vision is selfish and perishable. Faith in the Word of God is beyond the ordinary, or natural. It’s supernatural.

1. Faith is obedience in action, in response to Gods Word. God is not man that He lies. Man lies, but God is pure and perfect. There is power in that purity and perfection. When we take the step of faith to obey His Word, signs and wonders follow. Sound faith is created in us when we believe (Romans 10:9, 10)

2. Faith knows the will of God. A leper approached Jesus and asked for healing. He knew who Jesus was, and believed that if Jesus willed to heal him he would be healed. Jesus healed him immediately. The lepers Faith was not an empty one, but in knowledge, in accordance to Gods Word.

3. Faith is objective. A blind man approached Jesus. Jesus asked him what he wanted. His response was specific, he asked to be healed of blindness. Our requests to God need to be specific for us to receive freedom.

4. Faith, Asks and Receives. When we ask anything to God by faith, we will receive it. There is no doubt about it. A doubtful man is unstable in all his ways. He will receive nothing.

5. Faith, always works on right motives. When we ask, we must also ask with the right intentions. When we ask with selfish intentions God does not provide. God is pure and He alone is good, He will never grant bad requests.

6. Faith enables a bold confession. When we speak by faith, we speak because we believe. Our confession is bold and not weak or faint. We know who we believe, the Almighty God!

7. Faith agrees with the Word of God. In Mark 11:23, God says a mountain can be moved by faith if we do not doubt. There is a unity between the man who asks and God who gives. No “agreeing to disagree” business with God.

8. Faith is steadfast. We patiently wait in God by faith for all that we need. Abraham did not stagger in unbelief. He believed and patiently waited for Gods Word to be fulfilled in his life.

Share this with your fellow brothers and sisters. Learn to apply faith correctly. May God help us all.