The Garden of Eden has truths necessary for us to understand the mind of God. It reveals many aspects of Christian lifestyle.

  1. God and man would interact daily, face to face. Reveals God’s intent for creation, and standard of living where man could talk to God freely.
  2. Eden = delight and pleasure | Man enjoyed an exclusive place on earth to live under God’s guidance and provision, to be his delight. Adam experienced what David desired in Psalms 27:4.
  3. Everything was already available for man, much before he was even created. Reveals the provision of God, the Jehovah Jireh that He is.
  4. The tree of life was placed in the garden. Jesus is our source of life for all those who believe and receive him today.
  5. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was placed in the garden with a commandment to not eat its fruit. Reveals how earth has its limitations and requires boundaries.
  6. Adam was asked to dress and keep the garden. His labour was simple and easily doable, but necessary. A 6-8 hour job, and not more :D, maybe lesser, he had time for everything else as well. (Genesis 2:15)
  7. God did not want man to be alone. He created woman to be a help. helP = Profit. Not helL = Loss. Both were created for each other. (Genesis 2:18)

The more we study, the more will be revealed. God loves us, He created us so He gets to delight in us. What an amazing opportunity for you and me to know and be delighted in by the Creator of the universe who is Love.

Let God arise in your life. Call out to Him. Let God blow your mind in Jesus name!