Not everyone who says they are Christian are believers. In a fallen and perishing world, believers need to be faithful in the word of God. World religious leaders and elites are coming together for a common good which goes against the word of God. Evil is rising, love is waxing cold. Time for believers to get down on their knees and cry for the innocent who are being led away into deeper darkness.

Who is a true Christian? I believe these 7 facts give us the basics on what it truly means to be a believer. Also, how to approach the world.

  1. Identity: He knows who he is. “I am who God says I am.” He lives by the Word of God.
  2. Unique: He knows what he has been called to do on earth. He does what the Word of God states, directed by the Holy Spirit, walking worthy of his calling.
  3. Expectations: He expects from God alone. Not corrupted by carnal feelings. He does not expect anything from man.
  4. Time: He values his time, everyday. Time is ministry, not money.
  5. People: He loves all, without bias. Just like Jesus.
  6. World: He knows there is nothing new under the sun. He hates the world, and the things of this world.
  7. Enemy: He knows his enemy. He pursues the heart of God and overcomes his enemy, the Satan.

As a believer, in a perishing world, men and women in Christ need to be clear about the above principles. I call it the seven point framework. These principles have enabled me to thrive in life daily.