• He lost the Image of God – Therefore enmity developed amongst human beings. Also among all the beasts.
  • He lost Eternal Life – They died in their soul. The knowledge of God left them.
  • He lost Fellowship with God – Adam hid because of fear. Thus fear entered into him and every creature.
  • He lost Dominion – As a result, this world and its dominion were usurped by Satan. The world rejected God and accepted Satan as its prince.
  • He lost the Glory of God– Man became aware of his nakedness both physical and spiritual. Thus man tried to cover up his sins.
  • He lost the Inheritance that God had given – Therefore even as the Lord told man, he had to labour, sweat, till the land, raise crops and eat off it for a living.
  • He lost Immortality – Man became mortal and his body was subjected to corruption. Man began to age. Infirmities and diseases took hold of him.