Everyone wants to be blessed, whether it is a small child or an adult. Education teaches us to receive a reward for doing.

In a generic sense, a child who is obedient to its parents, knows surely there is a blessing in being obedient. Even a religious adult, when he is responsible in his duties towards his elders, has an expectation of a blessing. Thus everyone desires to be blessed in some way or the other.

So, if by doing good in this world we know that we will be blessed in the world, then how much more the blessing would be when we choose to come to God.

Yes, dear child of God, we will definitely be blessed when we go to Jesus. Of the many blessings here are some of the main blessings we will get when we come to Him. We don’t come to Jesus for blessings, we come to him because only He truly loves and knows us.

1. We will know our real state – The Samaritan woman in John chapter 4, happened to meet Jesus at the well. Perhaps, she was coming there daily to draw water. But this day was different. She was going to be blessed more than her expectations.

Jesus begins talking to her and very lovingly presents her entire life before her. She was shocked! How did this man know about my life she wondered. She realised her sinful state and was never the same again. In short, she was saved and the entire city got to know about this great “prophet” Jesus through her. Amazing love!

2. We will have the Fear of God – This Fear is not about being scared of God but the fear that comes out of love and adoration for Him. Through this fear we get wisdom and knowledge – Isaiah 33:6 and Psalms 34:11

3. When we come to God, we will hear His voice – Moses was busy tending his flock in Horeb and was surprised to see a burning bush. The bush was on fire but it was not being burnt. He could have just let it go. But no, he chose to go near to the bush to see this great sight and find out what was happening exactly. All of a sudden he heard God speaking to him – Exodus 3:1-5. When we choose to go to God’s presence, He satisfies us by speaking to us.

4. We will begin knowing Him – Only when we start going to God’s presence, will we know who He really is. Joseph’s brothers knew him when they accepted his invitation to come to him. Long ago, when he was a young boy, his brothers had betrayed him and sold him off. They never expected to see Joseph again, leave alone as the next-in-chief of Egypt.

Years later, when the brothers came to purchase provision from Egypt during the famine, they saw Joseph but weren’t able to recognise him. Finally, when Joseph invites them to his house, and reveals himself, they were astonished.

5. We will know what we are struggling within ourselves by coming to Him – there is a fight always happening within ourselves. Spirit versus Flesh (Galatians 5:17). To be delivered of this fight we need to come to Jesus. In Genesis 25:21-23, Rebekah went to enquire of the Lord regarding the struggle within her. She had conceived and was going to have twins. But, both the children were fighting in her womb. That was where God gave her a revelation concerning the two nations and two manner of people in her womb.

Dear child of God, by coming to Jesus, you will never be short of any blessing, be it spiritual or material. It will take the whole of eternity to know him fully. Let’s begin from now, so that we can continue with Him there as well.

Be blessed!